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Fostering For Stay With Me Animal Rescue

As A Small, Foster-Based Dog Rescue, The Number Of Canines We Are Able To Relieve Of Suffering Relies Largely On The Number Of Foster Families We Have Available. In Other Words, Without A Shelter or Facility To Operate Out Of, We Can Only Save As Many Animals As We Have Space For In Our Homes. This Means That The Role Of A Stay With Me Foster Parent Is Of Monumental Importance, As Whether Or Not We Are Able To Rescue A Dog From Turmoil Is Dependent Upon A Committed Foster Home Stepping Up To Help. While Some People May Feel That Fostering A Dog Is "Too Difficult" Because "It's So Hard To Let Them Be Adopted Once You've Fallen In Love With Them"... We Feel It's MUCH EASIER To Watch These Remarkably Resilient Animals Go To Their Forever Families, Rather Than Leave Them To Die Alone, Helpless and Suffering.

At Stay With Me Animal Rescue, We'll Gladly Break Our Hearts Over And Over Again,

If It Allows Us To Save These Dogs.


That Said, Although It Is Not Always Rainbows And Butterflies, We Have No Doubt That Becoming A Foster Parent Will Be One Of The Most Fulfilling Opportunities You Experience In Your Lifetime. Our Founder Actually Started Fostering / Volunteering At Just Twelve Years Old, And Quickly Realized The Impact She Could Have On The Dogs Her Family Allowed Her To Help, Not To Mention The Significance Those Dogs Had On Her Own Personal Wellness. Being The Black Sheep Of Her Family, The Rescue Community Gave Her As Much Of A Safe Space As It Did For The Dogs, As She Was Able To Fuel Her Inborn Passion For Animals, Find A Positive Outlet To Cope With Uneasy Family Relationships, And Change Countless Lives Along The Way.

In Truth, If You Asked Her Why She Saves Dogs, She'd Tell You "Because They Saved Me, First."

But, Regardless Of Whether You're Someone Who's Meant To Make This Kind Of Work Your Entire World

Or Just A Small Part Of It, The Magnitude Of This Undertaking Remains The Same:

Together, We Could Save One Dog Or One Thousand Dogs...

Either Way, We'll Be HEROES.

Stay With Me Animal Rescue Provides ALL Veterinary Care, Training Advice, And Necessary Supplies (Including Food, Crates, Toys, Bedding, Etc.) For Our Canines And Their Foster Parents.

Joining Our Foster Program

(1) The Process Of Joining Stay With Me Animal Rescue's Foster Program Starts With You Submitting Our Foster Application Below.

(2) Upon Reviewing Your Application, We Will Evaluate Whether Your Home / Lifestyle Has The Potential To Make You A Reasonable Foster Parent Based On Our Rescue's Needs / Requirements.

(3) If Your Application Reveals That Your Home / Lifestyle Has The Potential To Make You A Reasonable Foster Parent Based On Our Rescue's Needs / Requirements, Then We Will Move Forward By Setting Up A "Home Check" / "Meet & Greet" With You To Further Discuss The Details Of Our Foster Program.

(4) Once The "Home Check" / "Meet & Greet" Is Brought To Fruition, We Like To Give The Potential Foster Parent 24 Hours To Process The Details Of Our Foster Program And Decide If They Want To Move Forward Under The Condition That The Introduction Went Well For All Parties Involved.

*Please Note If The "Home Check" / "Meet & Greet" Does Not Feel Promising For All Parties Involved,

The Process Of Joining Our Foster Program Stops Here.*

(5) If The Potential Foster Parent Ultimately Decides They Are Ready To Commit To Saving A Life, Then The Process Of Joining Our Rescue's Foster Program Is Brought To Completion With The Signing Of Our

Foster Agreement And Liability Release Waiver.

From There, We Will Immediately Begin Making Arrangements To Set-Up A Foster Dog In Your Home.

Please Complete Our Foster Application Below!

Stay With Me Animal Rescue Foster Application

In terms of foster dog characteristics, please answer the following according to your preference…

Size? Select all that apply.
Energy Level? Select all that apply.
Age? Select all that apply.

Referring to the foster dog…

The reality of fostering is that, more often than not, the dogs we rescue come from troubled backgrounds that require real time, guidance, structure, and training for these animals to overcome. Truthfully, even dogs that seem “normal” or “well behaved” upon intake can still develop/reveal behavioral issues as they adjust to your home.


Thank You For Submitting A Foster Application!

A Stay With Me Animal Rescue Representative Will Follow Up With You In The Next 24-48 Hours.

We Appreciate Your Patience!

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